Dec 3, 2016

Stitch Guides from Cat's Cradle

The Cat's Cradle website has been updated with a list of stitch guides available for their fun designs.  Contact the designer to see how to order the guide with your canvas.

Dec 1, 2016

Limited Edition Santa (Ann and Carolyn Hedge Baird)

Barbara's Needlepoint just posted a photograph of one of their limited edition Santas from Ann  Hansen on Facebook.

The stitch guide is from Carolyn Hedge Baird.  Contact Barbara's Needlepoint via their Facebook page to find out if the limited edition Santa is still available.

Nov 29, 2016

Cookbooks (Alice Peterson and Stephanie Mandelbaum)

Ridgewood Needlepoint just announced Stephanie Mandelbaum is working on a stitch guide for Alice Peterson's new "Cookbooks" canvas.  Here's a photograph of it I found online.

The guide is free if you buy the threads from the shop or $20 if you only want the guide.  Of course Ridgewood can get you the canvas, too.    Just talk to the shop for help.

Delectable Desserts (BB Designs and What's the Point?)

What's the Point? Needlepoint just posted three photos of their BB Designs "Delectable Desserts" series, all with stitch guides from the shop.  (I think Linda Lahm did the guides but I'm not certain.)

Contact the shop to pick up these sweet treats.

Nov 27, 2016

Dorothy's Ornament (The Meredith Collection and Needle Orts)

Wizard of Oz fans will be charmed by Erica's Meredith Collection ornament, stitched using a guide by Needle Orts.

Contact the shop to pick up your guide and the canvas if you don't have it already.