Feb 5, 2016

Bergere (Leigh Designs and Pat Miller)

Bergere, with Feathers and Beads

If Vegas showgirls make your heart race, you'll want to pick up the stitch guide for Begere (from Leigh Designs' Showgirls series) from Pat Miller.

Curious, by not sold yet?  Then check out the steps in creating this Las Vegas beauty on Pat's blog.

Pat has also stitched Stardust from the same series, just in case you need a matched pair!

Or if you need a triple series, here is Pat's Copa!

And there is always Las Vegas Gold Digger....

Feb 4, 2016

The Amy Update

Don't forget to cheek the Feb.-March 2016 e-newsletter for Amy's Golden Strand to see what new stitch guides have been added to Amy Bunger's catalogue!

Feb 2, 2016

Garden Fairy (Melissa Shirley and Colleen Church)

Needle Works just posted a photograph on Facebook of this adorable Melissa Shirley garden fairy.  Stitch guide by Colleen Church.  Contact Needle Works (second link below) if you need a copy of the guide.

Jan 31, 2016

Sandy Arthur Stitch Guides Updated

Sandy Arthur has updated her website to reflect the stitch guides that are currently available.
There are a lot of fascinating guides available!

You can see some of her guides on her blog in larger photos.

Funky Folk Art Bird (Ellen Giggenbach, Ruth Schmuff and Laura Taylor)

Laura Taylor just announced on Facebook she's finished the stitch guide for Ellen Giggenbach's funky bird.  The canvas is available through Ruth Schmuff at Bedecked and Beaddazzled and I imagine they will have the stitch guide shortly.  Laura is still finalizing that.