Jan 20, 2017

Noah's Ark Tooth Fairy Design (Brenda Stofft and Sandy Arthur)

This darling Noah's Ark standup actually is a tooth fairy piece, designed by the amazing Brenda Stofft and stitched by Sandy Arthur.  Sandy will be teaching this at the San Jose TNNA show in January 2017.  After that, the stitch guide will be available from Sandy herself.  Of course your favorite shop can order this new design from Brenda for you.

Jan 19, 2017

Vivian Leigh (Amanda Lawford and Waste Knot Needlepoint)

Waste Know Needlepoint in Arlington, Virginia just posted a photograph of their exclusive Amanda Lawford canvas--"Vivian Leigh."  There's a stitch guide, too!

Contact the shop via their Facebook page or their website to pick up the canvas and guide.  It's not available anywhere else.

Jan 18, 2017

Petei Does Jane Austen (Petei and Susan Burris)

Debuting at the Winter 2017 TNNA show is a new set of Petei characters--Jane Austen's characters from Pride and Prejudice!  Each canvas comes with a Susan Burris stitch guide, too!

Your favorite shop will be able to order the canvases and guides from Painted Pony Designs, which  distributes Petei's designs,

Spring Topiary (Diane Ulmer Pederson and Kathy Kulesza)

At the bottom of Painted Pony Designs' latest blog posting you'll see the model for a new Diane Ulmer Pederson topiary, stitched by Kathy Kulesza.  The stitch guide will be available to order from Painted Pony along with the canvas in early spring.

Jan 17, 2017

Her Garden Blooms (Mary Kay Crowley and Tony Minieri)

Debbie just finished Mary Kay Crowley's French style interior called "Her Garden Blooms" and posted a photograph on Facebook.  The canvas is from DJ Designs (Mary Kay's distributor) and the stitch guide was created by Tony Minieri.