Jan 20, 2018

Mrs. Santa Sleds In (Tapestry Tent and Tony Minieri)

Joanne has finished the spectacular Mrs. Santa Sleds In stocking by Tapestry Tent using a stitch guide by Tony Minieri.  Use the side arrows to see all ten photographs.

Your favorite shop can order the canvas from Susan Roberts while you can get the guide straight from Mr. Minieri himself.

Jan 19, 2018

Santa Flying Through the Stars (Tapestry Tent and Tony Minieri)

Pam has finished stitching her "Santa Flying Through the Stars" stocking using Tony Minieri's stitch guide and it is magnificent.

The canvas can be ordered from Susan Roberts, which distributes Tapestry Tent designs.

Jan 17, 2018

Candy Claus (Melissa Shirley and The Needle Works)

Janice's "Candy Claus" was stitched using a guide from The Needle Works in Austin, Texas.  The design can be ordered for you from Melissa Shirley by your favorite shop.

Jan 16, 2018

Create Stitch Diagrams on a Mac Using Pages

I've written up a brief description on how to use Pages (the Apple word processor program) to create stitch diagrams and posted it to this blog as one of the tabs above.  It's hard to be really specific as each version of Pages changes where items are located and sometimes calls them something else but with some experimentation this should help you create basic stitch diagrams on your Mac.

Jan 15, 2018

Renaissance Santa (Renaissance Designs and Patricia Sone)

Mary shows off her delightful Santa pillow, stitched using Patricia Sone's stitch guide.  Your favorite shop can get the canvas from Renaissance Designs.  I think you'll have to contact Patricia directly for the guide.