Sep 1, 2014

Laura's at The Beach UPDATED

Laura Persin has started work on her next Sandra Gilmore piece, "Shellscape."  She isn't sure when this guide will be ready.  But it's fun to see how she is approaching this canvas.


UPDATE:  The design is stitched and it is lovely!

Aug 30, 2014

Sheep for Halloween

Sharon Quick has just finished her Annie Lane Halloween canvas.  It's called "Sheepy Wicked" and shows a sheep wearing a witch hat beside a black cauldron full of three startled chickens.  Are they brewing up anti-wolf potions?  Or just bathtub gin?  Who knows!?!  The photo shows the finished piece inserted in Sharon's Lee bag with a bit of extra stitching on the sides to make the canvas the exact size.  Want three scheming sheep of your own?  Message Sharon via Facebook to arrange a guide for your own Halloween fun.

Aug 29, 2014

Melissa Shirley's Spring Bouquet

It's not exactly a club but BeStitched has three kits of Melissa Shirley's Spring Bouquet left from their retreat.  The stitch guide is by Lisa Kessler and the canvas itself is 13 count.

Aug 28, 2014

Melissa Shirley, Pixie Dust Added UPDATED

Take a look at this Melissa Shirley purse canvas.  It comes in three separate color ways which you can see at the bottom of the page.  Boring, right?

Not after Sandy Arthur gets her hands on it!  Add Sandy's pixie dust to a canvas and you get magic, as you can see from the photo below of one of the finished purses from a class Sandy did at the Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama.  It'll knock your socks off!

Courtesy of The Needle Bug

Sandy is finalizing the stitch guide for this.  You'll be able to pick it up from her website (first link below) and I bet the Needle Bug (second link below) will be happy to get the canvas, guide and thread kit for you in your choice of color ways.


Beautiful work, Sandy.

UPDATE:  The Needle Bug wrote a blog posting about this piece with tons of photographs.  Thanks!

Aug 27, 2014

Melissa Shirley's Sunflower Basket

Connie Glen Camp has created a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's Sunflower Basket design.  You can see the finished piece on Facebook.

Contact Connie about picking up your own guide for this via Nashville Needleworks.